KM LifeStyle Mfg. 
"Experience The Difference"

Payment Information

Please Make Check Or Money Order Payable To:

KM Lifestyle Mfg.
12 Jacques St.
Worcester, MA 01603

(508) 792 - 9500   
Hours M-F  9 to 5 Est.

We Look Foward, To Anwsering all Your Questions!!

 Send Us An E-Mail:

  Please, Inclose With Payment:
  1. Your Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number 
  4. A Brief Cover Letter Of Product or Repair
  5. Place Proper Postage On Envelope Or Package, Place In Mail Box, Or Nearest Post Office

Sorry,  No Credit Cards

U.S. Mail Is Our Preferred Method Of Shipment

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